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Terminix Service, Inc. informs the public to protect themselves against the many trials of hurricane season

COLUMBIA, S.C. (September 16, 2013) – While we are midway through the 2013 hurricane season, federal forecasters are warning of a potentially dangerous few months to come. Terminix Service, Inc., a pest management company with more than 65 years of service in South Carolina, western North Carolina and the CSRA area of eastern Georgia, encourages homeowners to prepare for increased pest problems as a result of storms, flooding and high winds.

“Hurricane season is when most pest problems begin in homes and communities,” explains Kevin Hathorne, a board certified entomologist and Training and Technical Supervisor with Terminix Service, Inc. “These unique climate conditions can cause unnatural behavior for many species of pests and rodents. However, there are precautionary steps that homeowners can take.”

During hurricane season, homes are more susceptible to unwanted pests for several reasons. High winds tend to displace mosquitoes, wasps and termites from their nests, while water-saturated soils can force ants and other burrowing insects, rodents and wildlife into your home to seek higher ground.

According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), states are losing ground in emergency preparedness for weather disasters, such as Superstorm Sandy. It is more important than ever to understand the implications of pests and how to take immediate action after a hurricane.

To prevent unwanted encounters with pests, Terminix Service, Inc. shares the following household preparation and prevention tips.

  • Check your yard for any standing water to prevent mosquitoes and other aquatic insects from breeding. Empty anything holding water such as buckets, tarps and children’s toys.
  • Pile wood from branches or debris as far as away as possible from your home since moisture-soaked wood can attract termites, rodents and ants.
  • Immediately clean up spilled or torn garbage bags to prevent hungry rodents from entering your property.
  • Walk around the exterior of your home to caulk, seal and screen any openings that pests or rats could use for entry into your home.
  • Inspect for wood damage with a moisture meter to keep your house safe from fungus and moisture-breeding pests.

For more information on post-hurricane pest prevention, please visit If you’ve got a specific or rare pest question you need answered, you can Ask an Entomologist online.

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