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11:43 am on Wednesday November 26, 2008

Facebookers rally for early voting in S.C.

A new group on Facebook is promoting early voting. They say: We are a group of South Carolinians who believe that, for our democracy to stay strong, we must encourage high voter turnout. Our government can only be truly representative if its...
11:02 am on Saturday November 8, 2008

Man in hot water for three voting attempts

Image by Flickr user TalAtlasImage by 20081108ballot.jpg A man is in hot water after he requested an absentee ballot, got three from Charleston County, and mailed them all back -- effectively making three attempts to vote. Go read about it at The...
6:08 am on Wednesday October 15, 2008

Woman's last action was to vote for Obama

One of 93-year-old Dora Fitzgerald's last actions was to send off her absentee ballot for the November election. Less than an hour after her daughter told her the ballot had been placed in the mail with a vote for Barack Obama, the North Charleston...