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10:40 am on Wednesday March 19, 2014

Not expanding Medicaid could cost SC hospitals billions

South Carolina emergency rooms take in thousands of patients who can't afford to pay for treatment every year. A part of the Affordable Care Act aims to cut that number, but the state does not take part. South Carolina chose not to accept the...
10:40 am on Wednesday March 5, 2014

SC Hospital Association against bill for nullification of 'Obamacare'

In a blog post yesterday, Wednesday, March 4th, the South Carolina Hospital Association opposed the bill that will soon be up for debate in the SC house that would nullify the Affordable Care Act in South Carolina. The bill which will, "prohibit...
8:22 am on Friday February 28, 2014

South Carolina missing out on $800M in Federal Funding

South Carolina is slated to lose out on $807,000,000 dollars in Federal Funding over the next eight years for not expanding Medicaid.  via HuffPo Following a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that made Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act...