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2:02 pm on Thursday February 5, 2015

Photos: First International F-35B arrives at Beaufort air base

The first foreign F-35 jet was assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort was flown by the UK Senior National Representative, Pilot Hugh Nichols.
11:20 am on Sunday January 9, 2011

Expanded talk on what a delay or loss of the F-35B would mean for Marine Corps

Flickr user Late last night I spotted a piece over at The Navy Times about what the announcement that one Marine Corps program would be canceled and one more, the F-35B, was being on probation meant for the Corps. The piece shows...
3:29 am on Wednesday December 8, 2010

Flight line fire training

Marine Corps Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Marines work to put out a fire at a burn pit during a training exercise. The proximity bunker gear wear is utilized during every exercise and emergency to protect them from flames of up to 1,200 degrees.