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10:39 am on Monday December 27, 2010

C of C's Halsey Institute gets award for book on Aldwyth art exhibit

Remember the one-woman show by South Carolina 73-year old, somewhat reclusive artist Aldwyth? Well the College of Charleston's Halsey Institute not only put her work on display but published an exhibit book.  And for their efforts they've been...
1:03 pm on Wednesday October 28, 2009

Halsey's Aldwyth show gets national attention

Image by aldwyth.jpg Detail from Aldwyth's "Casablanca (classic version)." One of the headliners at the new Halsey Gallery is a one-woman show by South Carolina artist Aldwyth. It's her first solo gallery show (although the Halsey isn't its first...
2:20 am on Saturday October 24, 2009

Halsey's new gallery opens in style, only misses the new car smell

Image by Brian Wilder/TheDigitelImage by 200901024-halsey.jpg You can check out a ton of pics from the new space on the Halsey's Web site.Being somewhat of a veteran at the College of Charleston, I like to think that I know a thing or two about the...
5:02 am on Sunday October 11, 2009

College of Charleston getting ready for public debut of its new Halsey gallery

Image by HalseyImage by 20091011-halsey.jpg A preview of one of the show's pieces, you can see more such videos over here.If you're at all into the "world of art" you've probably heard that College of Charleston is nearly ready to open its new art...