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4:44 am on Sunday March 22, 2015

Standing 9-feet tall, new ancestor of alligators discovered in North Carolina

The bizarre beast walked on two hind legs, and its powerful jaws could crunch through small mammals and armored reptiles alike. This was Carnufex carolinensi, also called the “Carolina Butcher.” Hat tip for spotting to Eat Sleep Play Beaufort.
9:55 am on Monday May 5, 2014

Gator surprises SC lawmaker driving from Myrtle Beach

Alligators crossing Highway 17 in the area are nothing new. I remember the first time I saw one crossing, about a year after I moved to the area all the way back in the 1990's. The ones I've seen and hear reports of weren't that big, most looked...
3:04 am on Saturday July 20, 2013

Alligator on Hwy 17 going 65 mph

Enough said.
6:38 am on Thursday April 11, 2013

No removal for alligator in Port Royal's Cypress Wetlands park

The 12-foot alligator in Port Royal's Cypress Wetlands will be allowed to stay, but new signs warning of the animal will go up.
11:34 am on Thursday April 4, 2013

Port Royal councilwoman: Remove Cypress Wetlands gator

The Cypress Wetlands in Port Royal's Old Village draws in those searching for a pristine view of nature, but Port Royal Councilwoman Mary Beth Gray-Hayward says a 12-foot alligator has to go.
12:41 am on Thursday August 30, 2012

Alligator turns up in West Ashley parking lot

Customers and employees of the West Ashley GDC Home Interior store got a surprise Wednesday morning when a juvenile alligator turned up in the store's parking lot — one that was nearly a mile crawl from the nearest substantial body of water. 
3:58 am on Saturday June 25, 2011

How'd that alligator get in there? (update: It's free)

Flickr user http2007 Updated June 25: The Island Packet has a report that the gator stuck in the storm drain has been freed.  You can check out the article and video here. The incredible thing is some are saying it may have been stuck in there for...
7:35 am on Thursday June 16, 2011

Alligator caught after lounging in IOP surf

Image by Flickr user shell gameYesterday, an eight-foot alligator was captured on the beach at Isle of Palms, most likely after journeying through a freshwater drainage ditch and ending up at the ocean. Unfortunately, the poor guy isn't in the...
3:34 am on Friday March 11, 2011

Alligator in detail

Image by Drew Castelhano An alligator is seen up close as it rests.
6:29 am on Monday September 20, 2010

A ton (literally) of gator pulled from South Carolina lakes last week (w/video)

Flickr user http2007 Two alligators, weighing in at a combined total of 1,652 pounds, were pulled out of two South Carolina lakes over the past five days. (video below) It started with Mary Ellen Mara-Christian, who was alligator hunting on Lake...