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2:44 am on Wednesday June 27, 2012

Race for the 7th: Tinubu & Rice will battle it out in November

Flickr User: DerekA Update June 27th: After yesterday's runoff the Race for the 7th has narrowed down the candidates for this November. Preston Brittain called Gloria Tinubu only an hour and a half after polls closed on Tuesday, June 26th to concede...
5:28 am on Thursday June 21, 2012

2012 S.C. Primary Results & local roundup (Update: Dem primary trial starts today)

Flickr User: Vox Efx "I Voted" but not many of you did... Update June 21, 2012: "Let's get ready to rumble!"  The trial for the Democratic Primary starts today, supporters of Democratic candidate Preston Brittan have filed a suit claiming that votes...
6:01 am on Tuesday April 17, 2012

Race for the 7th: GOP candidates debate, fund raising winners

TheDigitelMYR Nine republicans who are vying for their name on the ballot for the new South Carolina 7th District this fall debated in Conway last night, Monday, April 16th. The nine candidates were asked nine questions that republican voters care...
12:17 pm on Tuesday March 27, 2012

Race for the 7th: Bauer leading in polls (update: Wilkes drops out, endorses Bauer)

Photo Courtesy: MySpace Bauer being sworn in as LT. Governor, photo taken from his abandoned page. Update at the bottom: According to FITS News, former Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer is leading internal polls that were recently...
2:50 pm on Monday March 12, 2012

Race For The 7th (Update: Harry Pavilack)

A current list of the candidates running for the new 7th Congressional District seat in South Carolina. Harry Pavilack, Myrtle BeachFiled on: Not filed with FECAge: 71 (unconfirmed)Party: DemocratOccupation: Attorney and Entrepreneur Links:...
2:53 am on Thursday January 28, 2010

Cartoon parodies Andre Bauer's remarks, offers great plan for next career move

Image by Flickr user TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³In a recent speech given by Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer, he for some reason felt compelled to describe and compare the poor to feral animals and that by feeding their children we only enable...
4:45 am on Tuesday January 26, 2010

Update: Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer backtracks on remarks, gets lampooned on Daily Show

Update January 26: Unapologetic about his remarks just two days ago, Lt. Gov. Andrew Bauer is now changing his tune. The State reports today that Bauer now says he regrets the comments comparing people who take public assistance to stray animals "...
11:08 am on Saturday January 16, 2010

Still no formal bid for governor, but Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer lends war chest $245K

Also of interest: Five Republican candidates for S.C. Governor have raise $5.5 million but the five Democrats have raised just $2.2 million.
6:00 am on Wednesday December 30, 2009

Political consultant, state lobbyist arrested on DUI charges

Image by Flickr user Jason RojasA political consultant to Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer and one of Columbia's most influential State House lobbyists was arrested on December 23rd and charged with driving under the influence and speeding. An...
3:08 am on Tuesday November 10, 2009

Finding a response to possibility of Guantanamo detainees to Charleston

Image by Flickr user anjan58 Image by 20091110-guant.jpg After recent word that Charleston's Navy brig was still a possible home for some Guantanamo detainees, South Carolina leaders continue to search for a response.  Read more stories on this...