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4:37 am on Saturday February 20, 2010

Athens' Dark Meat is coming to the Village Tavern

Image by Dark Meat The Charleston City Paper calls it a "dense, free-form, psychedelic sing-along."  Sounds like a fun show. It's tonight, February 20th. Get the details at the paper.
6:11 pm on Thursday February 12, 2009

C of C president's son arrested for allegedly stealing a bench

Let's just dive in, The Red and Black at The University of Georgia writes: In an attempt to create a backyard skate park, student Jeffery George Benson and Vinson Jamel Goldwire were arrested on felony charges and taken to the Athens-Clarke County...
3:21 pm on Tuesday September 16, 2008

Two bands, one sonic tapestry, and a 1928 movie

Image by 20080916steamboat.jpg Charleston-based The New Music Collective is joining up with kEnOsHa KiD out of Athens to deliver a "stunning sonic tapestry" designed to fit "Buster Keaton's classic silent film 'Steamboat Bill, Jr.'" Should be quite...