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12:14 pm on Tuesday July 29, 2014

Gov. Haley wants to stop Bikefest, Atlantic Beach mayor vows to keep it

Governor Nikki Haley still vows to put an end to Atlantic Beach's annual Memorial Day weekend Bikefest, and the town's Mayor still vows to keep it. Gov. Haley met with Mayor Jake Evans and the Atlantic Beach town council Tuesday morning in a meeting...
9:15 am on Friday June 20, 2014

Chamber considers curfew, social media campaign for Bikefest 2015

via WMBF News "Dean says the Chamber noticed Bikefest was promoted a certain way on Facebook. Some posts encouraged people to come to Myrtle Beach and do whatever they want. Dean feels this goes against what the Chamber works hard to do daily. They...
8:11 am on Tuesday June 3, 2014

Atlantic Beach stands by Bikefest

The Atlantic Beach Town Council Meeting introduced another side to the Bikefest argument Monday night. Mayor Jake Evans says they want to keep it. Bikefest was not on the Agenda, but the people of Atlantic Beach voiced their thoughts on the event...
11:03 am on Friday May 30, 2014

Governor Haley calls for an end to BikeFest

via Governor Nikki Haley said Friday that it is "time for Bikefest to come to an end." Haley addressed members of the media and the community this morning after a closed door meeting with area officials about this past weekend's...
3:58 pm on Monday May 26, 2014

Facebook page against BikeFest springs up overnight, over 9K 'likes'

The Facebook page "Myrtle Beach Against BikeFest" was created less than 24 hours ago and already has nearly 10,000 likes. The page is a reaction to the tragic events that transpired over the past three days. The page creators have also set up a...
8:04 am on Wednesday February 19, 2014

Atlantic Beach aims to boost attendance for Bikefest 2014

The town of Atlantic Beach is making plans to try to attract a bigger crowd to this year's Memorial Day Bikefest. Mayor Jake Evans says town leaders believe last year's version of the street festival wasn't quite up to what it used to be, so they...
9:31 am on Monday October 14, 2013

VICE explores Black Bike Week

The documentary news site has explored Black Bike Week in their latest Fringes episode.  An excerpt of the shows description reads as follows: "Hordes of women—known as "huggers"—also flock to Myrtle Beach for the event, hoping to be picked...
8:04 am on Wednesday May 8, 2013

Atlantic Beach almost $1 million in debt

A budget report released by the Town of Atlantic Beach shows the town owes $868,000 to various entities. The report is incomplete and the town is facing additional debt from outstanding lawsuits.
5:45 am on Tuesday March 6, 2012

2012 Atlantic Beach Bike Fest is a go

Flickr user cmeaux After much debate about this year's Memorial Day Bike Fest, the town council of Atlantic Beach passed the motion to allow the event to take place.  Despite the strapped-for-cash town only making a profit of $18,000 during last...
5:34 am on Friday February 3, 2012

DreamFest monthly because 'Hunger knows no holiday'

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach Update, 2/3/12: Tomorrow, Saturday February 4, marks the first Saturday of the month which means the folks at North Strand Helping Hand (NSHH) and Barefoot Church will be in Atlantic Beach helping those in need.  Aiming to...