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6:00 am on Tuesday September 27, 2011

After a four year hiatus, Awendaw brings back the Blue Crab Festival

Image by Flickr user SkipSteuartAfter four a year absence, Awendaw Mayor Samuel Robinson is reviving the town's glorious tradition that is the beloved Blue Crab Festival. For the 16th Annual Blue Crab Festival (and just $2 per ticket), attendees...
6:20 am on Tuesday August 23, 2011

Center for Birds of Prey to host International Vulture Awareness Day event

Image by Flickr user flamesworddragonThe Center for Birds of Prey is celebrating one of nature’s most amazing recyclers at International Vulture Awareness Day, Saturday, September 3rd. Vultures are an often misunderstood group of birds that perform...
6:00 am on Sunday July 17, 2011

Three new raptors join The Center for Birds of Prey

Image by Photo by John Mead, Blue Lion Photos Hooded Vulture at The Center for Birds of PreyThe Avian Conservation Center has added three new resident birds to its collection at The Center for Birds of Prey. The Hooded Vulture, Chaco Owl, and...
1:40 pm on Tuesday November 3, 2009

All the info you need about the local races on November 3 (updated x2)

Update November 3: Well, the witching hour is nearly upon us. You can follow along with the Twitter stream on our homepage. We'll be sure to post about the results as their known, but you can follow along at the county and at Live 5 News who has a...
3:09 am on Monday October 26, 2009

Who's voting on what, and where?

Image by Flickr user Bubble GirlImage by vote.jpg You can do it for your community, or just for the cool stickers. Off-year elections traditionally draw light turnout, and with the exception of Mount Pleasant, it's easy to miss the races in some of...
12:29 pm on Saturday October 10, 2009

Four-day Rocktoberfest playing in Awendaw (updated)

Image by RocktoberfestImage by 20091005-rocktoberfest.jpg Update October 10: The festival continues, and The Charleston City Paper was there for the first day. They've reported back with a write-up and imagery. Preview also has more in-depth...
4:33 am on Friday September 25, 2009

Vandalism leads to closure of free Awendaw rifle range

Image by YouTube user avgaspasserImage by 20090925-rifle.jpg The free Twin Ponds Rifle Range near Awendaw has been closed by the US Forest Service after vandals fired bullets out side the range and shot the facilities. 
3:07 am on Tuesday July 14, 2009

Bluegrass festival comes to Awendaw Green (updated)

Image by Awendaw GreenImage by 20090630-grass.jpg Update July 14: If you missed the festival, The Charleston City Paper has a short write-up and photos that you can check out. First reporting: Awendaw Green is hosting the two-day Grass on the...
3:37 am on Saturday June 20, 2009

Rural and scenic, Awendaw comes to grips with growth

Image by Flickr user eric osguthorpe Image by 20090620-awendaw.jpg Scenic and picturesque, much of Awendaw will soon meet paving machines. Awendaw, this rural town is about 45 minutes north of downtown Charleston and has some 1,200 residents, but...
9:32 am on Tuesday May 5, 2009

Tour Birds of Prey center with S.C.'s leading naturalist

Image by The Center for Birds of PreyImage by 20090505-bird.jpgOn Saturday, May 9, The Center for the Birds of Prey will host South Carolina’s leading naturalist, Rudy Mancke who will be giving tours of the Center's 152 acres as well as a flight...