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10:00 am on Wednesday May 18, 2011

A review of brunch, drinks and dinner at Upper King Street's Barsa

Image by Barsa The space as of August 23.Update May 18: Barsa has been open for a few months now, and it looks as though owner/restauranteur Drazen Romic and chef Cole Poolaw are doing a killer job. Barsa, formerly Shine, has a totally new feel and...
9:59 am on Saturday March 26, 2011

It’s Groundhog Night. But at least it’s always a good night.

Image by TheDigitel Same party. Same people. Same location, even. Different year. It’s 2010 at Shine and all the cool kids are arriving late for the hip-hop dance party.  The booths have “reserved” signs for Ayoka Lucas and her crew of fashionistas...
5:20 am on Tuesday March 15, 2011

Spanish influence at Guerrilla Gallery

Image by Brian Wilder/The Digitel Shimko's "Maine Loon" on display at Barsa.The latest installment of Guerrilla Cuisine's "Guerrilla Gallery", an abridged version of the standard dining experience, brought me to Barsa; the tapas bar and lounge that...
2:19 pm on Wednesday January 26, 2011

In photos: Checking out Barsa and the Belmont Lounge

Image by 53 Cannon The bar at the Belmont.We've already pointed out a fair bit of coverage of Upper King Street's newest nightlife and dinning spots Barsa and the Belmont Lounge — but sometimes, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And...