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10:29 am on Monday February 18, 2013

Early info on the 9th annual Battle of Charleston reenactment

Image by Flickr user Michael KappelFrom March 22 - 24, Legare Farms and the 7th SC Infantry will both host and present the 9th annual Battle of Charleston. During the weekend-long event, both reenactors and spectators are invited to explore the...
8:14 am on Sunday March 25, 2012

Photos from the Battle of Charleston re-enactment

Image by Battle of Charleston The Post and Courier was at the eighth annual Battle of Charleston and shares a short photo gallery — the battle was July 6 to 9 in 1864.
8:23 am on Sunday April 19, 2009

The 'Battle of Charleston:' a look at the reenactment

Image by Battle of CharlestonImage by 20090419-battle.jpg The Post and Courier went to the fifth annual Battle of Charleston, and shares a glimpse into what the Civil War reenactment is like. Go check out the story. If you're intrigued you can still...
11:31 am on Friday April 17, 2009

Civil War battle to be reenacted

Image by Battle of CharlestonImage by 20090417-battle.jpgHuh? What was that noise? There's a good chance that if you're not at the Battle of Charleston on Saturday, April 18, or Sunday that you might ask just that, as once again reenactors are...
10:09 am on Saturday April 19, 2008

State Senator picks up $30,000 cannon replica

Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell worked with Steen Cannons to get a replica of an 1861 6-pounder cannon made, complete with a metal engraving taken from a cannon made by Tredegar Iron Works for South Carolina. The gun will be fired at the...