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12:50 am on Friday December 23, 2011

Beaufort National Cemetery's brick wall getting a fix up

Department of Veterans Affairs Updated December 23: The work is under way and The Island Packet offers up a before and after look with a photo; take a gander over here. First reporting: A preservation project to rehabilitate the historic wall (...
4:40 am on Monday May 30, 2011

Of Memorial Day in Beaufort, the meaning, events and a parade (update: Packet chimes in)

Department of Defense Flags adorn more than 17,000 graves at the Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort. Update May 30: Following up briefly on the last post, and The Island Packet has issued in their newspaper a well-written editorial praising all...
3:30 am on Friday February 25, 2011

Paratroopers are coming: Members of the 82nd Airborne Division to visit Beaufort

Flikr user DVIDSHub Don’t worry, we’re not under attack, so don’t be alarmed this weekend if you come across paratroopers from the Ben Vandervoort Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association. About 100 retired group members will tour across...
4:26 am on Tuesday November 9, 2010

Beaufort residents prepare 'Avenue of Flags' for Veterans Day (w/video)

Flickr user respres Have you ever been to a Veterans Day or Memorial Day event at Beaufort National Cemetery? Ever wonder who set up that long line of flags, or the 'Avenue of Flags' as it's called? Well WSAV's Holly Bounds has a nice report on what...