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6:56 am on Sunday August 31, 2014

Six years on, South Carolina cash flow still hurting

Although the nation as a whole is seeing more tax dollars, a fiscal check of The Palmetto State shows that we're still beneath the pre-Great Recession mark for fiscal health — and that includes fewer jobs for 25- to 54-year-olds. News comes out of a...
7:49 am on Monday April 28, 2014

Proposed Myrtle Beach budget includes $125 fee for library subscription -Really?

via The Sun News: Myrtle Beach residents could have to pay a membership fee to use the Chapin Memorial Library if the City Council approves recommendations made Sunday night by city staff at their annual budget retreat. City Council members did not...
7:59 am on Monday March 3, 2014

Coast RTA bracing for cuts in Horry County funding

Coast RTA is bracing for funding cuts from Horry County Council. Myers Rollins, the local bus service’s CEO, told the Coast board this week that he’s preparing two budgets: one that includes the more than $1 million the county typically provides and...
6:43 am on Friday October 18, 2013

How and why S.C.'s delegation voted on the shutdown

Congress' bill to end the 16-day government shutdown was only signed by two of South Carolina's eight elected representatives, here are why they said yes or no.
11:40 am on Tuesday October 8, 2013

A spotlight for Mark Sanford in the government shutdown

Despite the 1st Congressional District's heavy dependence on federal funds and jobs, Rep. Mark Sanford is holding the line on withholding a government budget to force policy change.
10:50 pm on Monday October 7, 2013

Workers returning at air station, Parris Island as shutdown continues

A legal interpretation of legislation passed to support active duty military during the government shutdown is letting nearly 2300 furloughed employees at Parris Island head back to work, and some 400 at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.
8:44 am on Tuesday October 1, 2013

Sanford says why he voted to support lead up to government shutdown

The former governor, now Rep. Mark Sanford voted three times within the last week to delay Obamacare.
4:56 am on Tuesday October 1, 2013

The federal shutdown's impact on Charleston

From federal parks, to courts, to Department of Defense employees, to schools, airports, and more, not all federally funded institutions in the Charleston area will be effected the same by the shutdown — just don't try to catch a boat tour to Fort...
4:44 am on Tuesday October 1, 2013

Assesing the government shutdown impact in Beaufort County

As of midnight, the federal government is technically out of cash, but not all federally funded services will be impacted equally.
2:57 am on Monday September 2, 2013

South Carolina closes out fiscal year with $68M surplus, and $282M more in savings

Not only did South Carolina end this fiscal year with a surplus of $68 million, but the state's $6.2 billion budget also tucked $282 million into a rain day fund. Still, both are a far cry from the budget deficits of 2007 to 2009.