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4:58 am on Friday November 8, 2013

Recovered Charleston slave tags being sold on eBay

A relic hunter uncovered several Charleston slave badges that were once buried in the soil under Buist Academy in downtown Charleston. They're now for sale on eBay. Live 5 News writes, in part: "Those slave tags may have been a relic of that use of...
12:16 pm on Tuesday May 4, 2010

Seismic concerns may cause closure of 6 Charleston schools (updated x3)

Image by USGS A photo after the 1886 quake in Charleston, shot shows a fissure and a wrecked brick house on Tradd Street. Update May 11: And the saga continues. Update May 5: The Post and Courier has an expanded article on the decisions the...
7:03 am on Thursday February 19, 2009

School board thinks about upping minority attendance at Buist Academy

The Charleston County School Board is looking to get more minority children into the student body at the prestigious Buist Academy, only they legally can't use race as a determining factor. Don't know about Buist Academy or its complicated past?...