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4:28 am on Tuesday December 3, 2013

Comcast Internet cap gripping Charleston users

Comcast's new 300GB data cap is here for Charleston. How are you coping? Shelling out $10 for an extra 50GB?
2:10 am on Sunday April 8, 2012

After 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run snafus, a small attendance limit for 2013

Image by Flickr user drobnikm The 2012 Cooper River Bridge was marked by two things: 'Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' and a very late start caused, in large part, by overloaded busses and just too many runners.  Officials have already apologized in...
6:15 am on Thursday March 15, 2012

Riverview Charter rejects attendance caps in proposed Shell Point lease

Flickr user Leo Reynolds No matter the style or color, Riverview Charter doesn't want any limits drawn. Riverview Charter School is getting closer and yet further to leasing the 67,770 square feet of space it desires in the form of the soon-to-be...