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4:13 am on Thursday November 15, 2012

What's that buzz? AT&T LTE service now active in Charleston

Image by Flickr user themonnie Check out these fast and fat pipes.If you're the owner of a phone equipped with the speedy LTE hardware, it's time to turn it back on and start worrying about your battery juice. Yes, that includes all you iPhone 5...
6:36 am on Sunday August 21, 2011

AT&T: Our coverage on the Charleston peninsula just got better

Image by Flickr user craig1blackAT&T is bosting that those in Charleston can now expect improved mobile broadband coverage and voice calls. The company announced that it has completed a key initiative in its ongoing efforts to enhance the...
3:20 am on Tuesday July 19, 2011

Verizon's 4G network coming to Charleston (update: here Thursday)

Image by Flickr user forklift Update July 19: Six months on, Verizon is launching their Charleston 4G service on Thursday, July 21. The company says it will be available to customers, "in the following cities and towns: Charleston, Folly Beach,...
8:09 am on Sunday May 8, 2011

Verizon brings 4G to Hilton Head, Bluffton (no love for Beaufort yet)

Update May 8: Four months later, Verizon's 4G network has come to the South of the Broad provence of Beaufort County. Over at The Island Packet Morgan Bonner has been blessed with a review unit from Verizon and has penned some thoughts about the...
4:39 am on Monday August 9, 2010

Hilton Head discusses poor cell coverage

Flickr user smith It's long been known that cell coverage on Hilton Head Island is considered poor at best, especially for you poor AT&T Iphone users out there (though 3G did just recently make an appearance on the island and in Bluffton.) Seems...
10:41 am on Monday August 18, 2008

James Island cell calls get bump from osprey

Image by Flickr user walsh6918Image by 20080818osprey.jpg Osprey are known to have a soft spot for utility towers. One women's Verizon Wireless calls were getting dropped, thanks to an osprey that had made its nest on the cellular tower. But there's...