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4:32 am on Thursday August 16, 2012

Libel lawsuit between Charleston School of Law students results in alleged coverup

Image by Flickr user sixes & sevens The Charleston School of Law Library.Students accusing each other of cheating is nothing unusual, but when the accusation is at a school of law and the school changes its policies afterwards things can,...
8:11 am on Sunday November 2, 2008

Glimpsing inside the state's 'cheater watch team'

A largely unknown group of state officials has been filtering through student's standardized tests in search of attempts to cheat. It was this group that spotted suspicious patterns at Sanders-Clyde Elementary. Read about the group at The Post and...
3:54 am on Monday October 13, 2008

Teachers: Test monitoring made test taking harder

Image by Flickr user doviendeImage by 20081013watch.jpg It's certainly plausible: People get uncomfortable when they're being watched. The story just got thicker for the suspiciously high drop in standardized test scores at Sanders-Clyde Elementary...
5:18 am on Tuesday October 7, 2008

Former principal finally talks about Sanders-Clyde scores

The former principal of Sanders-Clyde Elementary (the school that has fallen under fire for mysteriously high then mysteriously low PACT test scores) had been keeping mum about her side of the story. Well, an emotional, stressed, and candid...