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1:10 pm on Tuesday January 14, 2014

Button Popper, Down n Dirty? Help rename the 'Big Nasty' at Hominy Grill

A trademarked dispute is giving way to a new name for Charleston's Big Nasty chicken biscuit laden with gravy.
3:57 am on Thursday May 20, 2010

Starting the tour off right: The Big Nasty

Image by Amanda Click (Or whatever the kids are calling it these days.) To start off my tour of Charleston’s chicken biscuit offerings, I decided there was no more local, southern place to begin than Hominy Grill. Hominy Grill is famous for it’s...
6:09 pm on Wednesday April 21, 2010

I'm embarking on the Charleston Tour de Chicken Biscuit

Tasty. The biscuit, I mean.What came first? The chicken, or the biscuit? If there is one thing I love, it's a good chicken biscuit. I remember sneaking away during study hall in high school to the local Mom and Pop joint in town to grab the steamy,...