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5:33 am on Thursday July 1, 2010

Smokers cough up 50 cents more per pack today

Image by Flickr user Justin ShearerHeads up smokers, today is the day that South Carolina's 50 cents-per-pack increase goes into effect. Several retailers around the Lowcountry reported cartons of cigarettes flying off the shelves yesterday as...
10:22 am on Thursday May 13, 2010

Senate approves the 57 cent cigarette tax (update: Overridden!)

Image by Flickr user SuperFantastic Update May 13: And the Senate has overridden. The tax is now law. South Carolina now has the 9th lowest cigarette tax in the nation. Update May 12: The House has overridden the veto and the tax is being sent to...
9:05 pm on Thursday March 18, 2010

South Carolina House passes $5.1B budget, keeps cigarette tax hike, stiffer abortion rules, $10M golf loan

Weighing in at $5.1 billion, the South Carolina budget has passed the House and now heads to the Senate. Among the more news-making aspects of the bill has been the ability of a 30-cent per-pack cigarette tax to survive, elimination of state-funded...
11:48 am on Thursday February 11, 2010

Report finds that a $1 cigarette tax would bring $209.4M into S.C.

Image by Flickr user lanier67Currently, South Carolina’s cigarette tax is seven cents per pack, which ranks 51st in the nation. A recent report has found that by raising the cigarette tax to $1 per pack, South Carolina could see up to $209.4 million...