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4:12 am on Monday June 8, 2009

Photos: Inside the College of Charleston's cistern

Image by Flickr user Jason Permenter Image by 20090608-cistern.jpg This grassy mound is what most of us know to be the cistern, but much more lies beneath.The large, grassy circle that most of us know as the College of Charleston's cistern is only...
6:59 am on Friday May 29, 2009

The Punch Brothers: Sublime and exciting

Image by Flickr user Kenf225Image by punch.jpg The Punch Brothers. The Charleston City Paper has some video of the event."So which one is the guy from Nickel Creek?" were common whispers heard throughout The Cistern Thursday night.   Get more...
4:54 am on Saturday February 28, 2009

A fuss on trees kicks into high gear at C of C (updated x4)

Image by Flickr user Image by 20090212-randolph-hall.jpg Randolph Hall had far less foliage around it in 1909, but it still had a considerable amount. -- The Cistern is the concrete circle just in front of the building. Update...
9:50 pm on Tuesday September 23, 2008

A really bad idea

Image by 20080924boom.jpg In a stunning display of a really bad idea, it seems a student decided to do a public art piece that involved a giant plastic barrel and the words "I GO BOOM." There was, understandably, much concern. [gmap markers=blue::32...