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1:47 pm on Friday October 10, 2008

Wells Fargo victor in battle for Wachovia

Image by 20081010wellsfargo.jpg If they do change their logo, let's hope they spend more than the three minutes I did coming up with the new one. At long last, it looks like the battle for the Lowcountry's number one bank is over: Citigroup has...
4:03 am on Monday October 6, 2008

New deal would split Wachovia amongst buyers

Image by 20081006wachovia.jpg In the battle for the buyout of Wachovia, regulators think they may have reached a compromise: Citigroup (first to reach a deal) would get branches in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic and Wells Fargo (high-bidder) would...
6:14 pm on Friday October 3, 2008

Wells Fargo snatches Wachovia from Citigroup

Image by 20081003wachovia.jpg Wells Fargo is raining on Citigroup's parade. In a move that has brought chaos and general unhappiness to the takeover of Wachovia, Wells Fargo has preempted a deal scrapped together by federal regulators for Citigroup...
7:03 am on Tuesday September 30, 2008

Citigroup to buy, rescue Wachovia

Image by Flickr user mre770Image by 20080929wachovia.jpg Wachovia's Georgia headquarters. Latest updates are at the bottom. After fears rose that big bank Wachovia could also tank, regulators helped push through an agreement for Citigroup to...