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2:53 am on Friday December 23, 2011

Planned expansion of Charleston City Marina debated for lack of dredging

Image by Flickr user Gail Des Jardin Update December 23: The Post and Courier writes that the plan to expand the marina into the Ashley River has received state approval but still faces city interest and federal approval. First reporting: A...
7:37 am on Sunday October 31, 2010

Charleston boat, marina owners bellyache over state's 180-day tax rule

Image by Flickr user Marty.FMIt's an issue that seems to come around each Fall: Big boat owners fret over state tax rules that would lead to big bills if they stick around in Charleston County waters for more than 180 days. Stick around for that...
7:30 pm on Wednesday September 8, 2010

Mystery object in Charleston Harbor may have been old 'bottle rocket'

Image by Flickr user proteinbiochemist An old oxygen tank retrieved from the Charleston Harbor and detonated as a possible threat may well have been an old prank pulled by workers at a chemical plant on the Ashley River where valves were knocked...
7:30 am on Tuesday September 7, 2010

Authorities investigating underwater explosion near City Marina (updated x3)

Updated September 8: A possible answer has been found; get connected here. Update September 7:  A mysterious metal cylinder was found floating in the Charleston Harbor on Sunday afternoon at Sea Breeze Marina. No formal connection has been made...