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5:55 am on Wednesday May 30, 2012

A #MYR tragedy: When the Electric Slide goes wrong

Flickr User: enric archivell People take their dancing very seriously - especially the classics like the Electric Slide. Your mother may have met your father back in the 70's during a perfect Electric Slide. Pulling off such a feet is rare,...
6:39 am on Friday March 9, 2012

Jersey Shore cast member in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break (Update: Tweets, pics and posts)

Instagram user natasha92smith Update march 9th, 2012: The Aftermath.... [View the story "Pauly D in #MYR" on Storify] ´╗┐Update March 8, 2012: For those brave souls looking to party with the gel-haired celebrity: tweet us some pics. First Report:...