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8:27 am on Wednesday January 28, 2009

The 7th Digicast: A punching bag of a podcast, y'know?

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitelImage by 20090128-digicast.jpg Geoff Marshall on the left, Nate Mallard from CofC Radio on the right. Ken and Geoff sat in the studios of CofC Radio this week with two guests -- Nate Mallard and Geoff Yost (another...
6:41 am on Tuesday November 18, 2008

CofC Radio is worth the clicks to get to it

Image by cofcradio.jpg We've mentioned CofC Radio several times in the past few weeks. Why? Because it's not on the FM dial and well worth a listen. So, to that effect, I went to check it out and meet the people behind the scenes. Caroline Millard...
2:01 pm on Monday November 10, 2008

Come shiver at ICE to support CofC Radio

Image by 20081110-cofc-ice.jpg This Thursday, November 14, the students from the College of Charleston's student radio station are throwing a party at the Music Farm -- but it's an event for which the college has just pulled their support. So there...
6:48 am on Thursday November 6, 2008

College of Charleston's un-radio station

Image by Flickr user aloshbennettImage by 20081106-earbuds.jpg Never heard of the College of Charleston's student radio station? That's because they're not broadcasting over the FM airwaves (thanks to some legal difficulties), but you can listen to...