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4:06 am on Saturday March 27, 2010

Pre-Bridge Run traffic proves to be a political bust, again

Image by Flickr user The Post and Courier wrote this on Friday morningĀ in regards to the traditional gird lock that comes with traffic to the downtown Cooper River Bridge Run expo at theĀ Gaillard Municipal Auditorium: Gridlock again...
3:06 am on Thursday September 3, 2009

Cooper River Bridge Run expo to stay put in downtown Charleston

Image by Flickr user scpetrel Image by 20090903-bridge-run.jpg After near hysteria spread that the Cooper River Bridge Run expo could move from the Gaillard to North Charleston, the bridge run's board has backed off allowing the expo to stay in the...
3:10 am on Thursday August 27, 2009

Thoughts on relocating the Bridge Run Expo

Image by Flickr user kfistoImage by 20090826-expo.jpg The two day Expo leading up to the annual Cooper River Bridge Run is a headache for both run participants and locals who suffer through the two days of downtown gridlock. A proposal to move the...