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9:32 am on Friday January 24, 2014

SC and the rest of the South at the bottom of economic mobility

The cost of living in South Carolina is a big selling point for local politicians and businesses trying to get folks to move here, but along with a low cost of living South Carolina also is well-below average when it comes to the national average in...
5:35 am on Tuesday April 3, 2012

Minimum wage - not enough anymore

Image by National Low Income Housing Coalition Can a minimum wage worker afford a two-bedroom unit at fair market value, working a standard 40-hour work week? According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition the answer is NO.  The National...
4:11 am on Saturday October 30, 2010

Beaufort becomes slightly more expensive to live in

Flickr user mtsofan The imperfect science that we know as "cost of living" was recently done for 2010 in Beaufort, and the word is things became slightly more expensive. According to a release from the the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce...