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3:03 pm on Thursday June 12, 2014

Credit Card Breach at P.F. Chang's, unclear if SC locations affected

News has broken today that there has been a credit card breach at the P.F. Chang’s China Bistro.  via On June 9, thousands of newly-stolen credit and debit cards went up for sale on rescator[dot]so, an underground store best...
6:56 am on Friday November 9, 2012

South Carolina Department of Revenue hacked (Update: What you still need to know)

Flickr User: the prodigal untitled13 Update 11/9/2012: The Sun News put together a Q&A article that answers many questions on tax payers' minds. What happens after a year when the monitoring stops? Are children covered? Is anything being done to...
7:30 am on Monday May 9, 2011

Charleston cab company now accepting credit cards

Image by Flickr user misskocoYellow Cab of Charleston is now accepting credit cards--the first metered taxi company in metro Charleston to do so. Yellow Cab has also installed panic buttons in all of their vehicles to enhance driver safety as well...
12:36 pm on Monday March 2, 2009

North Charleston couple swindled in telephone mortgage scam

Image by Flickr user pinprick Image by 20090302-phone-scam.jpg Tools of the trade. The Post and Courier is reporting that a North Charleston couple has been swindled by a man promising to cut their daughter's mortgage rate. The paper writes, in...
5:28 am on Saturday February 28, 2009

SCE&G: Beware of scam artist calling for credit card numbers

Image by Flickr user ryan_fungImage by 20090228-phone.jpg SCE&G is warning folks to be weary of a man who is calling folks and demanding credit card information with a threat of service termination. The utility says "it is not customary for a...
8:47 am on Sunday December 14, 2008

A frenzy in Charleston about credit cards and showing ID

Image by Flickr user ClintJCLImage by 20081214-credit-card.jpg Credit cards and merchant demands to show ID: It's a national problem, that also happens to occur here, so generally it's something I'd skip. But given the flurry of back-and-forth in...