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4:45 am on Tuesday September 11, 2012

Crime traffic: It's a mugshot publishing turf war

You don't have to be in the publishing business to know an old adage: Crime sells. For years now has seen great benefit from its MugFaces feature, pulling in the local arrest reports digitally onto its website. Now it seems there...
5:29 am on Wednesday October 13, 2010

The best of Charleston's worst in this week's police blotter

Image by Flickr user Dr CraigIf you feel like you've been having a bad week, you may find reading this week's City of Charleston police blotter somewhat cathartic. One report is of a man having such a crappy day he stole a 12 pack of beer from a gas...
7:30 am on Wednesday September 1, 2010

North Charleston partners up to offer a robust online crime map

Different color dots for different types of crime. You can use the system to just show certain crime types and certain date ranges.Everyone that wants to be better informed about what, when, and where crime is happening in their community just got...
5:23 am on Wednesday October 14, 2009

Charleston City Paper's weekly blotter is out

Image by Flickr user 2CHIN Image by 20091014-noid.jpg You could as about the route of the disturbance, or you could ask if anyone remember who the Noid was. The stunning powers of Tasers, pizza, and eating fresh rank high in this week's batch of...
4:29 am on Friday September 11, 2009

Blotter: time to laugh at others' misfortunes

Image by Flickr user jasper.Image by 20090911-pee.jpg Everybody gets one. The Charleston City Paper's Blotter: the week in crime gives us a weekly excuse to well, feel better about our lives by laughing at low points in others'. This week is no...