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7:25 am on Friday September 24, 2010

Come take the streets in another installment of Charleston's Critical Mass

Image by Flickr user AbronCome out and show your biking pride at this month's installment of the bike ride en masse, Critical Mass.  The group is meeting at 5:30 p.m. tonight, Septemeber 24, at the usual spot, Cannon Park, for a ride around the...
8:54 am on Friday October 30, 2009

Critical Mass is allllive!!! with a Halloween ride

Image by TheDigitel Just when I was thinking Critical Mass had up and died in Charleston, this note floats into my inbox. Just a reminder- meet at Cannon Park at 5:30 by the columns. we'll leave at 5:45, and the mass will be ending at Andolini's for...
8:39 am on Sunday November 2, 2008

Costumed riders had a blast on Halloween

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by 20081102criticalmass.jpg Geoff Marshall tagged along for Critical Mass's Halloween ride through downtown Charleston and shares this photo gallery. Go view it on Flick. Learn more about the group and their...
2:56 pm on Tuesday September 30, 2008

Critical Mass: Along for the ride

Image by Geoff MarshallImage by critmass.jpg Editor's note: We've received some negative feedback for starting off with a comment that reflects on Critical Mass's more controversial side. So, to be clear, on one hand the event is a loosely governed...
7:01 am on Friday June 27, 2008

Critical Mass bike ride

Image by Submitted Charleston's Critical Mass rides up Meeting Street near the Piggly Wiggly. There's also a video of one of the past rides. This month's Critical Mass bike ride is at 6 p.m. tonight (Friday, June 27) at Cannon Park. From Wikipedia'...