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7:36 am on Sunday June 15, 2008

On scaly beasts and you

Image by flickr user t_crescibeneImage by 20080615alligator.jpg Mean, nasty, and fearsome; but almost certainly they don't have to be deadly to humans. With all the recent stories about alligators and even a crocodile in the area, we thought we'd...
10:50 pm on Wednesday June 11, 2008

Wayward crocodile headed back to Florida

Image by flickr user WhotheheckareyouImage by crocodile.jpg Not the croc in question, but you can see why you wouldn't want to run into one of these guys in a dark alley. A crocodile that washed up on the Isle of Palms recently was sent back to...
4:23 pm on Thursday June 5, 2008

Crocodile spotted, retrieved from Isle of Palms Beach

An American crocodile (And, yes, we know the difference. It wasn't an alligator.) was spotted and retrieved from Isle of Palms Beach. The spotting, predictably, caused minor panic. The animals inhabit only the southern tip of Florida and live in...