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6:10 am on Thursday September 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach takes prominent roll in Eastbound and Down season three promo

Flickr user TheDigitel Myrtle Beach Kenny Powers will be playing for the Myrtle Beach Mermen this season....or will he?This past Sunday, September 13th, HBO ran a short teaser for the upcoming third season of Eastbound and Down. If you hadn't...
6:34 pm on Tuesday August 23, 2011

Eastbound & Down production in MYR with Will Ferrell (update: NMB today/more pics)

TheDigitelMYR Update 8/23 Part II: The Eastbound and Down folks shot most of the day at the same North Myrtle Beach location, shooting scenes until at least 7pm.  When we were on the set on Monday, we overheard those in production talking about the...
10:38 am on Wednesday August 3, 2011

McBride, Fallon talk about Myrtle Beach on Late Night

Screen Shot: Hulu.com/NBC If you hadn't heard, comedic actor Danny McBride has an affinity for Myrtle Beach. Growing up he vacationed here and currently he has been shooting scenes for the third season of his hit HBO comedy Eastbound and Down.  Last...
6:18 am on Wednesday July 6, 2011

Eastbound & Down casting call held (Update: Mcconaughey cutie pie, #myr Mermen)

Photo Courtesy: TheDigitelMYR Update 7/6: SCnow.com has a little write-up and video about yesterday's Eastbound casting call.  Also, Julie Borshak (@Jborshak) the Director of Community Relations for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. tweeted out this...
3:54 am on Tuesday July 5, 2011

Eastbound & Down starts shooting in Myrtle Beach (update: casting TODAY)

Update 7/2: An open casting call has been set for extras in the show.  Just show up at BB&T field at 12 p.m. on Tuesday July 5th and bring a recent, clear photograph that shows your face that they can keep for their files. It's a paid gig, but...
7:00 am on Thursday June 30, 2011

Video and photos of HBO filming "Eastbound & Down"

Photo courtesy of Mike Lloyd Pelicans fan shares his videos and photos of HBO's initial Pelicans' field filming.  I came across a  comment on WRNN's Facebook page by Mike Lloyd about how he had some video and photos from May 27 when HBO was doing...