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4:32 am on Thursday August 16, 2012

Libel lawsuit between Charleston School of Law students results in alleged coverup

Image by Flickr user sixes & sevens The Charleston School of Law Library.Students accusing each other of cheating is nothing unusual, but when the accusation is at a school of law and the school changes its policies afterwards things can,...
4:14 am on Saturday March 5, 2011

In North Charleston rail battle: Realtors ask for Haley to weigh in

Image by Flickr user Daniel Alexander-Head Some more direction in the battle could help.Hoping to find an ally to avert rail from Park Circle and — perhaps more so — to avert a prolonged lawsuit that leaves property rights and the future of...
11:00 am on Monday February 15, 2010

Wrongfully accused turkey thieves awarded $4 million in defamation lawsuit

Image by Flickr user Alan Vernon.A South Carolina jury has awarded Robert and Jennifer Klippel $4 million in a defamation lawsuit that began back in 2004 when the pair were accused and arrested on the charge of stealing a neighbor's pet turkeys. The...