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10:51 pm on Monday August 6, 2012

Democrats opening local Beaufort office for presidential election season

Flickr user lamenta3 Time to load up on your button schwag. South Carolina is largely a pass-through state when it comes to the presidenatal vote in November (hint: the state will go for the Republican), but that doesn't mean that local Democrats...
5:25 am on Friday June 15, 2012

Ted Vick Round Up: 7th District Candidate's DUI & Gun charge (Update: Dash Cam)

Update June 15th: The Ted Vick Dash cam video has dropped.  You can check it out above, but it's nothing really juicy or scandulous (besides the alleged drunk driving, gun charge and former USC CoEd being in the car). Head over to CarolinaLive for...
4:12 am on Tuesday November 9, 2010

Former DNC Chair holding a free talk about this year's midterm elections (update: second talk on what outcome means)

Update November 9: If you enjoyed Fowler's first talk about the then upcoming midterm elections, consider coming out for a second talk "The outcome of the 2010 elections: what it means to you" at 6:30 p.m. today, November 9, in Copeland Auditorium...
4:19 am on Sunday September 26, 2010

Demorcrat, Republican gatherings make awkward neighbors in West Ashley

Image by Flickr user Robert Scarth Two politics post before 9 a.m? Must be election season.Not only was Saturday a big politics day in Charleston for Nancy Pelosi's speech in North Charleston, but there was also a protest on King Street and...
2:08 pm on Monday July 12, 2010

Profiling Senate candidate Alvin Greene in The N.Y. Times

Alvin Greene to soon be played on screen by Denzel Washington? The New York Times has run a nice insightful profile on the controversial S.C. Democrat for U.S. Senate, Alvin Greene. And it's got a nice closer where the other points out that Greene...
7:55 am on Monday March 8, 2010

Victor Rawl announces his run against Sen. Jim DeMint

Image by Charleston County Former South Carolina legislator and judge, Democrat Victor Rawl, is officially launching his bid to oust Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint today in North Charleston.
3:03 am on Thursday January 21, 2010

S.C. is so red it can be hard to find a Democrat willing to run for the Statehouse?

That's the reality suggested in a piece by Greg Hambrick over at the Charleston City Paper. As partial evidence he notes that 11 out of 12 Republicans running for election in the Charleston area in 2008 went without Democrat challengers. The logic...
3:06 am on Wednesday January 13, 2010

Mayor Riley to formally endorse Sheheen in race for S.C. governor

According to a statement released by the Associated Press, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley will make a formal endorsement in regards to his support toward state Senator Vincent Sheheen in the race for the Democratic nomination for South Carolina governor...
6:00 am on Wednesday December 31, 2008

Democrat Anne Peterson Hutto sworn in Tuesday

Update December 31: Hutto has been sworn in. Catch a small write-up and photo gallery over at Jones on Politics. The Post and Courier has a story, too. But they've got no pictures. First reporting: Despite the possibility of a revote being called by...
6:03 am on Sunday November 9, 2008

South was once solidly Democrat

Image by John T. McCutcheonImage by 20081109-cartoon.jpg Entitle "The Mysterious Stranger," this political cartoon from 1904 presidential election depicts Missouri breaking ranks with the "Solid South" and voting Republican. For nearly a century,...