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11:10 pm on Saturday August 11, 2012

Pair arrested after high scoring PGA Championship hijinks

Image by Edward M. Pio Roda/PGA.com A leaderboard at the PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. People were bound to get bored after 2012 PGA Championship officials suspended play at the Kiawah Island Ocean Course due to storm on...
7:45 am on Friday June 17, 2011

Dramatic decrease in North Charleston student arrests

Image by Flickr user Howdy, I'm H. Michael KarshisSince North Charleston authorities launched a program focused on ending youth violence, the area has seen an intense decline in student arrests. Specifically, arrests for disturbing schools decreased...
12:59 pm on Wednesday May 4, 2011

Man complains to police that he didn't get correct change after drug deal

Image by Flickr user HTBDon't you hate it when your drug dealer doesn't give you correct change? Dexter White, 41, of North Charleston does. In fact, he hates it so much that he told the police that his dealer didn't give him the correct change...
9:16 am on Wednesday March 2, 2011

Four firefighters arrested for drunken, disorderly conduct

Image by SCOnFire.com Benjamin Chinners, Anthony J. Driscoll, Anthony "Troy" Driscoll, George GreenFour Lowcountry firefighters partied a bit too hard during a 21st birthday celebration last weekend, and their inebriated actions landed them all in...
4:42 am on Tuesday March 1, 2011

After tossing chair through window, police officer fired (update: North Charleston promises follow up)

Image by Flickr user massdistraction Not the phone in question, but you get the idea.Update March 1: In the wake of the recent string of incidents, North Charleston Police Chief Jon Zumalt is promising an investigation. The Post and Courier has a...
3:29 am on Tuesday October 27, 2009

Citadel cadets gone wild

Image by Flickr user juan.barredoImage by 20091027-cadets.jpg Unfortunately, they can't blame this Sunday's behavior on graduation.Numerous Citadel cadets partied a little too hard on Sunday, resulting in two arrests and a rash of disorderly...