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10:28 am on Wednesday April 10, 2013

Learn how to conquer disease with food

On April 13, DwellSmart will host Food is Medicine for an informative and timely class about foods to help reverse diseases. Discover little-known facts about food and practical and specific advice to reverse and prevent major diseases - all based...
7:29 am on Monday February 1, 2010

Creations of Hope and DwellSmart team up to help Haiti through art sales

Carved Bowl from HaitiIn 2009, after a number of visits to Haiti, Dottie Kelley and Dan Edwards of Summerville, together with two Haitians started Creations of Hope to help the Haitian people improve the quality of their life.  Dottie and her...
11:00 am on Wednesday December 16, 2009

Giving lasting gifts: The green gift checklist

Image by Flickr user ash-s It seems that year after year we are confronted with more and more trinkets and 'stuff' that is often made in far away places. We seem to see more of this 'stuff' in December than any other time. Sadly, 'disposable'...