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11:16 pm on Wednesday July 20, 2011

Study: El Nino season's likely to get even wetter in Charleston

Image by NOAA A new NOAA study found coastal areas along the East Coast could be more vulnerable to storm surges and sea level rise in future El Nino years.As Charleston continues to play catch-up with downtown flooding, the game seems to be...
4:21 pm on Thursday February 4, 2010

It's been a wet, wet, winter in Charleston; Here's a bit about why and its effects

Image by Flickr user dustinphillipsYes, it's been a very wet winter in Charleston. And the reason may well be the same one that likely caused us to have a mild hurricane season: El Nino. Pausing on the myriad of details about El Nino, I'll first...
1:30 pm on Friday August 7, 2009

Fewer hurricanes predicted for 2009 season

Image by Flickr user future15picImage by 20090807-hurricane.jpg The slow start to this year's hurricane season had led experts to predict that only 10 named storms will form in the last four months of of season. Read more stories on this subject in...
5:38 am on Wednesday July 15, 2009

El Nino looks like its back, and hope is high for fewer hurricanes

Image by NASAImage by 20090715-elnino.jpg What happens when a very strong El Nino strikes surface waters in the Pacific Ocean. The sequence shows warm water anomalies (red) develop in the Central Pacific Ocean. Winds that normally blow in a westerly...