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4:30 am on Friday August 24, 2012

A mini street festival to save a downtown park

Hoping to save Dereef Park from development, many in downtown's Cannonborough Elliotborough neighborhood are pulling together to host the "Neighborhood Revival: A Party for Peace and the Parks" with history, food, music, and general fun. The date is...
4:03 am on Wednesday February 1, 2012

With a development deal, the Bogarden community garden is closing

Image by BogardenThe downtown Charleston community garden that is the Bogarden took root in early 2010, but after nearly two years it is coming to an end. The Elliotborough land at the corner of Rutledge and Bogard street was leased for the...
2:00 pm on Wednesday May 12, 2010

Charleston gets a new creative 'Hub'

Who lives in your community? How do you grow a business? What are your community resources? These are the sorts of issues that Brandon Call envisions "The Hub" fixing as it sets up in neighborhoods. The "community development studio" is part...