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3:51 am on Thursday November 11, 2010

Charleston one of two cities to get $500K grant for energy efficency at home programs

Image by Flickr user Jack Amick Good insulation always gives a big boost.Charleston and Fayetteville, Arkanasas, are the two winning applicants to take part in a pair of $500,000 grants to figure out ways to meaningfully drop home energy bills in...
1:00 pm on Thursday April 1, 2010

Get a cash rebate for switching to energy-efficient appliances (updated x2)

Image by Flickr user tom.arthur Update April 1: According to The State, contractors exhausted their $1.95 million portion of the cash-for-appliance-clunker rebate program today at 1:19 p.m. today. Update March 31: The federally funded rebates for...