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6:53 pm on Friday September 12, 2014

Mark Sanford: The forlorn politician is King of TMI

Woe is Mark Sanford. The poor guy says he’s just unlucky in love. Five years after the then governor tearfully admitted to having an extramarital affair, the current congressman is once again waxing poetic about his heartbreak.
10:03 am on Thursday April 3, 2014

Facebook Users “Like” Myrtle Beach During Spring Break

Facebook users over the age of 25 chose Myrtle Beach as the most popular spring break beach, based on check-ins posted on the social media site. Facebook officials reviewed their data from the 2013 spring break period. They were looking to see where...
9:43 am on Tuesday March 11, 2014

Myrtle Beach's official Facebook page is top social media cities in the country

Vist Myrtle Beach's Facebook page has over one million 'likes' and it puts them in the "top social media city in the country" according to SparkLoftMedia.com.  via WMBF News A list shows Myrtle Beach is one of the top US cities when it comes to...
4:12 am on Saturday December 7, 2013

S.C. Leaders get a Facebook lashing over Mandela praise

Gov. Nikki Haley and Rep. Jeff Duncan's Facebook tributes to Nelson Mandela have roused the ire of their more conservative supporters.
3:21 pm on Saturday March 30, 2013

A surge in Charleston Facebook photos to support same-sex marriage

If you're a regular Facebook user you've undoubtedly seen at least one or two users change their Facebook profile to a variation like one of the above shown pink-on-red equal signs. Switch the profile image is aimed at showing support for marriage...
9:28 am on Wednesday November 28, 2012

Local resident takes to Facebook to tell the other side of the story

Photo by flickr member waltarrrrr Social media proves its value once again over on the WMBF Facebook page, where the "other side of the story" was presented in a post of defense. On November 21, 2012, WMBF aired the story about a veteran's dog being...
8:55 am on Wednesday September 5, 2012

Broadway at the Beach among top shopping center Facebook pages in 2012

Broadway at the Beach on Facebook Broadway at the Beach's Facebook page has gotten a national nod, appearing on the top 20 list of best profiles as ranked by Alexander Babbage’s Shopping Center Social Media Mid-Year Benchmark Report. The page has...
9:22 am on Monday July 23, 2012

MYR social media reunites lost dog with owner; pet safety in the car

photo by flickr user Justin Shearer We're seeing it more and more.  People are taking to social media to find lost pets.  That's how Conway Councilman Tom Anderson was reunited with his pooch, Beauregard. The story featured in the Sun News begins...
6:47 am on Thursday July 19, 2012

S.C. House restores funding to some programs (Update: Senate agrees)

Adapted from a photo by Mary Austin Update July 19, 2012: The S.C. Senate voted with the House to override most all of the same bills, only upholding three of Haley's vetoes. Those vetoes supported are added onto the House's tally — that's a total...
8:25 am on Monday July 2, 2012

Nikki Haley: 'South Carolina will NOT expand Medicaid'

Update: South Carolina has opted out. Following the Supreme Court ruling that largely upheld the Affordable Health Care Act, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has announced that she will push to not expanding Medicaid or participate in any health...