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11:21 am on Sunday March 18, 2012

Railroad grant could bring jobs (Update: Grant deadline looms while businesses wait)

Flickr user Tyler A part of the Carolina Southern railway that runs through Carolina Forest. Update March 18, 2012: A handful of some of Horry County's largest businesses are making due without railroad service. The federal grant would quite...
4:40 am on Monday December 19, 2011

High insider loan activity fueled by federal dollars at Myrtle Beach area bank

Flickr user Ricky Romero The term "insider loan" sound scandalous if not illegal. The truth is they are legal and commonplace in small community banks like Crescent Bank. But it does raise eyebrows when Crescent Bank board of directors and executive...
5:45 am on Monday July 18, 2011

South Carolina to offer new small business loans

Flickr user jferzoco Monetary relief may be coming soon to current and future small business owners in the state of South Carolina.  The State Small Business Credit Initiative is freeing up $18 million dollars of federal money to nudge banks into...
2:51 am on Thursday January 14, 2010

$433,078: Charleston-area sees boost in federal funding to feed and shelter needy

Image by Flickr user jeremy.wilburn FEMA's Emergency Food and Shelter Program is more than doubling it's funding to South Carolina counties to help the hungry and homeless. Charleston County alone will see $220,878 this year from the program. The ...