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8:41 am on Thursday November 10, 2011

Charleston foreclosure numbers rise

Greenville, Charleston counties lead the stat in foreclosures during October.
9:35 am on Wednesday May 11, 2011

Whoa Nellie! S.C. Supreme Court attempts to slow foreclosures

Flickr user rustytanton It's no surprise that our housing market is in a rut so deep you could put up posters. In February, The Sun News reported that Myrtle Beach's foreclosure rate was among the fastest in the country, with a 44% increase in...
4:04 am on Tuesday September 7, 2010

July home sales up in Beaufort County compared to 2009

Flickr user nickbastian The Island Packet is reporting that Beaufort County saw more homes sold in July 2010 than July 2009, while South Carolina as a whole saw a double-digit percentage drop. Definitely take a look at the full Island Packet story...
5:43 am on Wednesday July 21, 2010

Sometimes As-Is doesn’t mean As-Is

I’m currently working with a young couple, helping them buy their first house.  After looking around the whole Charleston area, they fell in LOVE with a house in North Charleston. The house is bank owned.  (a foreclosure) On the surface, it appeared...
10:51 am on Thursday November 12, 2009

As Charleston foreclosures fall, region jolts higher

Image by Flickr user kevindooley Image by 20091112-foreclosure.jpg The number of foreclosures in Charleston County dipped significantly in October, but a surge in foreclosures in Berkeley and Dorchester counties made the overall rate clime some 16...
6:40 pm on Saturday January 3, 2009

Battle over 6,600-acre Dorchester development ends with a whimper

[gmap markers=blue::32.92167292013293,-80.20912170410156 |zoom=10 |center=32.997146486287726,-80.16586303710938 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map] For four years a battle has raged over Watson Hill, a would-be 6,600-acre...
11:26 am on Tuesday October 28, 2008

Foreclosure rates still climbing in metro area

Image by Flickr user Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.comImage by 20081028foreclosure.jpg Foreclosures jumped 12.7% in the tri-county area during the last quarter. Read all about it at The Post and Courier. Hopefully measures taken by the government will...
10:54 am on Friday July 25, 2008

Charleston foreclosures lower than other metro areas

On a little bit of a bright note, the Charleston area's foreclosure growth rate in the 2nd quarter was less than most metro markets in the state, and across the U.S., in general. The Charleston metropolitan area saw about 22% more foreclosures than...
4:46 pm on Sunday July 20, 2008

Foreclosure problem still growing in Charleston

Image by flickr user respresImage by 20080720_foreclosure_home.jpg Some 867 homes are in the process of joining the already 11,000 homes on Charleston's market. Ouch. Though the problem has lagged behind other states (like Florida and California)...
10:43 am on Wednesday July 2, 2008

Home sales plummet; but charm will help weather the storm

Image by flickr user JS NorthImage by 20080702homesales.jpg Buying a home has become very difficult over the last several months. Sales of homes in Charleston have fallen some 33 percent, but USA Today says our vibrant economy and our unique...