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1:41 am on Tuesday May 31, 2011

ACLU suit could create 'free speech zones' in Charleston

Image by Flickr user cameronparkins A "free speech" zone is taped off at the University of Southern California.The American Civil Liberties Union has picked up on an interesting thread in how Charleston regulates street peddlers. In a report, The...
1:13 am on Wednesday May 25, 2011

Berkeley County jail sued for restrictions on inmate reading material (update: staples defense)

Image by Flickr user brianjmatisUpdate: Get the update here. Update May 25: The case against the jail's no-staples-allowed stance has thickened with an affidavit filed that includes remarks from a Supermax prison saying allow books and other texts...
3:18 am on Tuesday March 15, 2011

Charleston County Schools critic banned from public meetings (compromise reached, charges dropped)

Image by Flickr user corypinaUpdate March 15: The Post and Courier reports that district officials promised Monday to drop the no trespassing charge and allow Copeland to attend any public meeting on school property if Copeland agreed not to visit...