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8:59 am on Wednesday September 11, 2013

Gawker: Why Do Tourists Love Fudge?

Myrtle Beach gets a mention in this Gawker.com article questioning why tourists just love fudge: "Travel to any small town popular with tourists, from Myrtle Beach to Santa Fe, and you are sure to find fudge. Not just a piece of a fudge, or a few...
8:30 am on Tuesday July 10, 2012

Local Fudge shop lands Myrtle Beach a spot on 'America's Best Beach Eats' list

Flickr User: jkblacker The Fudgery, best known for their delicious fudge, their singing employees and their enticing, barker-esque calls to come and get a free sample found themselves on SmartTravel.com's list of "America's Best Beach Eats" What...