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11:07 am on Monday June 4, 2012

Charleston Resident Helps New Movers with Welcomemat Services

   Having moved three times over the past year, Charleston resident Randy Rhea knows how difficult it can be for people to get acquainted and familiar with their new community or neighborhood. The Atlanta native relocated to Augusta, Ga., in July...
12:21 pm on Sunday October 18, 2009

Proud to be a stay-at-home dad? Strut your stuff.

Image by Flickr user katutaide Image by 20091018-dad.jpg An advertiser on Craigslist is seeking stay-at-home dads for a documentary about gender roles in the workforce. Go check it out.
2:49 am on Wednesday March 18, 2009

Single-gender teaching meeting with success at Berkeley Middle

Image by Flickr user dollar triple box Image by 20090318-split.jpg They're not changing what they teach, only how they teach it. And Berkeley Middle School's single-gender classes are netting a high return in increased grades. Read more stories...
7:04 am on Wednesday July 23, 2008

Berkeley schools dip their toe in separating boys and girls

Image by flickr user Matt McGeeImage by 20080723_school_boys.jpg Boys and girls? In the same classroom? Madness! Or at least a distraction from learning, members of the Berkeley County School Board say. In hopes of finding an innovative way to...