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11:45 am on Thursday September 12, 2013

World's largest cat is in Myrtle Beach area

At 922 pounds, Morris the Cat is the world's largest arcording to the 2014 edition of Guinness World Records.
5:02 am on Sunday June 17, 2012

Shoes across the Yorktown for a world record

Image by Flickr user Luciano Belviso26 students at a Patriots Point  summer campt helped set a world record on Sunday. The children lined up 1,027 shoes across the USS Yorktown to make the longest line of kicks to span an aircraft carrier flight...
4:34 pm on Sunday February 13, 2011

King Street restaurants unite to break a 'Where's Waldo' world record

Image by Flickr user number657 Dress like Waldo, get free stuff!Update February 13: While the crowd fell pretty short of the record, a good chunk of change was still raised for the Ronald McDonald house. And even a few dozen folks in all those red...
3:03 am on Thursday August 27, 2009

Break a world record at the ultimate egg toss challenge

Image by Flickr user Scott AblemanImage by 20090826-eggs.jpg The Charleston RiverDogs invite you to a Sunday Funday for the record books, the Guiness Book of World Records that is. This Sunday, August 30, the Charleston RiverDogs and the Charleston...