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10:51 am on Friday March 28, 2014

SC bill would require notification of computer security breaches

The main sponsor of the bill, says he filed it because of the security breach two years ago at the state Department of Revenue and other recent computer attacks, like the one that hit Target.
10:54 am on Thursday October 24, 2013

With a new provider, free credit monitoring is back for S.C.

Following the massive breach of taxpayer data, South Carolina offered free tax monitoring through Experian. Although that deal expired, and the state is once again offering free credit monitoring. This time around officials have worked out a deal...
1:45 pm on Tuesday September 17, 2013

Experian won't renew deal with S.C. for hacking victims

The credit monitoring company will pass on a $12 million deal to provide South Carolina taxpayers with protection in the wake of the massive breach of taxpayer info, and instead will ask the 1.5 million participants to pay $12 each.
9:36 am on Thursday September 5, 2013

MUSC Credit card vendor hacked, releasing patient info

The credit card payment vendor used by the  Medical University of South Carolina was compromised, affecting some 7,000 patients. The information that was breached includes: names, addresses, credit card numbers, credit card security numbers and e-...
5:10 am on Tuesday May 21, 2013

Calls poured in following S.C. tax-record breach

Between November and March, the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs received three times the normal number of calls to its toll-free line.
9:29 am on Saturday March 2, 2013

Lawsuit over S.C. tax hacking dismissed as judge cites a lack of harm to taxpayers

A lawsuit over the massive leaking of public tax payer data from South Carolina's tax agency has been dismissed by a judge who said the lawsuit failed to draw points on actual damages to the state's taxpayers.