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4:47 am on Thursday August 22, 2013

Beaufort ma born without hands featured on ESPN

Richie Parker, a 30 year-old Beaufort man who works for NASCAR’s Hendrick Motorsports, was featured on ESPN last month. The story may seem pretty run-of-the-mill until you hear that Parker became a chassis and body component designer despite being...
2:56 am on Tuesday November 20, 2012

ABC News 4 tracks down the handicap parking issue

Image by Promo image by Flickr user AlishaV With so many hospitals, Charleston has many cars displaying disability placards — and that's likely more than the number of cars actually being used by those with disabilities.  Tune into the video clip...
5:43 am on Sunday November 14, 2010

Meet the iBot enhanced wheelchair, and locals that worry about its loss

Flickr user jbrownell The stability of the chair is often shown off. Think of an iBot as a Segway meets wheelchair. Not only can it lift occupants by balancing on its hind wheels it can also do impressive things like move up stairs and simply do...
8:12 am on Wednesday March 31, 2010

North Charleston cracks down on cab drivers that dodge, overcharge handicapped

Image by Flickr user - POD - The City of North Charleston was getting reports that those in wheel chairs or with seeing-eye dogs were getting ignored or overcharged by cab drivers -- so they set up a sting operation, and sent a message with fines....
3:57 am on Monday December 14, 2009

Fighting fraud: All handicap placards to be reissued, will have photos

Image by Flickr user Netream After abuse of handicap placards became too much to bear, a new law was passed to suppress abuse of the premium-parking system. As result of that the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles is now requiring that all placards...