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3:57 am on Friday November 19, 2010

McMaster files friend of the court brief on James Island's behalf

Image by S.C. Attorney GeneralThe battle between the city of Charleston and the town of James Island rages on. However, James Island just added a key player to their side of the court, S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster. The city of Charleston...
3:23 pm on Sunday August 15, 2010

S.C. attorney general's use of up to $700K for 3 politically charged lawsuits stirs questions

Image by Flickr user jwinfred South Carolina's involvement in radiation storage at Yucca Mountain, healthcare reform, and Arizona's immigration have stirred questions if the cases are more about what's good for South Carolina, and what's good for...
12:38 pm on Saturday May 29, 2010

Death threat against S.C. Attorney General - and governor candidate - Henry McMaster

Details are thin including why "Jesuits" was written on the letter aimed at Henry McMaster and dropped in a  deposit box at the Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union on Dorchester Road. Hop over to The Post and Courier for the story.
7:55 am on Monday May 3, 2010

Sanford cleared of all criminal conduct

Image by S.C. Governor The State reports that S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster has cleared Governor Mark Sanford of any criminal conduct for two trips to South America to meet his Argentine lover as well as his use of state aircraft, upgraded...
6:00 am on Monday May 3, 2010

McMaster releasing Sanford investigation to the public

The state's Attorney General Henry McMaster has decided to take the five month long investigation of Governor Mark Sanford's misconduct in office public.
3:38 am on Wednesday March 24, 2010

McMaster joins 12 attorneys general in filing suit against health care overhaul

Image by S.C. Attorney GeneralThe Associated Press reports today that the Obama camp says it isn't worried that 13 state attorneys general, including South Carolina's Henry McMaster, are suing to overturn the massive health care overhaul. S.C....
4:00 am on Thursday December 31, 2009

S.C. Attorney General appeals ruling in Mount Pleasant poker ring

Image by Flickr user gfpeckAttorney General Henry McMaster is appealing Circuit Judge Markley Dennis's ruling to toss out charges against five Mount Pleasant Texas Hold 'Em poker players. Read more stories on this subject in our poker topic page....
1:15 pm on Monday December 28, 2009

Number 4: The year of Senator Robert Ford

Attorney General Henry McMaster's crusade against Craigslit nearly earned him this spot, but the surprising fact of how many locals are unaware of Charleston Rep. Robert Ford's actions earned him this spot. In lieu of a narrative argument, I offer...
2:30 am on Wednesday December 23, 2009

McMaster, 7 other attorney generals threaten legal action against healthcare bill

Image by Attorney General's office Incensed that the healthcare bill will have South Carolina and other states subsidizing Nebraska's 100% reimbursement rate for Medicaid spending, South Carolina's attorney general has said he's looking into legal...
3:34 am on Monday November 30, 2009

Guantanamo debate: Charleston Naval Brig getting visit from S.C. Attorney General

Image by Flickr user horizontal.integrationImage by 20091130-gitmo.jpg South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster is in town today to tour and discuss prisoner operations with officials at North Charleston's Navy brig. The brig is being...