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10:14 am on Friday September 28, 2012

@WBTW_RustyRay continues to push "HoCo" trend

Rusty Ray, a recent proud papa and WBTW anchor, has officially claimed responsibilty for "HoCo." In fact, he's back at it this week and he's even getting support from fellow tweeters. While we could be persuaded to get on the HoCo train, it's going...
6:21 am on Wednesday April 11, 2012

Meet Zeddie Little, 'Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy' (Update: GMA apperance)

Will King Update April 11th, 2012: Zeddie Little was on Good Morning America this morning and was handsome as ever. Little appeared along side Will King, the photographer who snapped the now legendary Internet image. Little is using his Internet...
6:39 am on Thursday February 9, 2012

Shamrock Shakes available in Myrtle Beach; Secret option revealed

Flickr user Joe Strupek We heard rumors of the 38th Avenue North location were serving the minty green treats as early as a couple weeks ago. Being the hard-hitting bloggers we are, we dug deeper. And by "dug deeper" we mean we saw this tweet from...
4:11 pm on Saturday January 8, 2011

Social Wine Bar’s Extreme Porroning

What is “parroning’ exactly?  Well, you can google it if you like, but all you’ll find is this muy entertaining video made by Social Wine Bar.  As any well-versed wine-o knows, a parron is a traditional Spanish wine pitcher made of glass. ...
10:30 am on Wednesday January 13, 2010

Inject some comic relief into your day with the City of Charleston police blotter

Image by Flickr user Dr Craig Every Wednesday, the Charleston City Paper rolls out the best of the best from the City of Charleston police reports - and by best we mean most hilarious. This week is no exception.
12:00 pm on Wednesday December 30, 2009

Don't miss out on this week's City of Charleston police blotter

Image by Flickr user heather_mcnabbIt's time again to satisfy that insatiable urge to laugh at others misfortunes with this week's edition of the City of Charleston's police blotter. A personal favorite from this week's batch goes a little something...
1:45 pm on Wednesday October 7, 2009

Get your kicks out of this week's Blotter

Image by Flickr user BistrosavageImage by 20091007-blotter.jpg The Charleston City Paper's weekly rundown of humorous criminal activity in the Lowcountry is here. This week's batch of burglars, threats, and misfortunes is particularly funny. Hop...
3:08 am on Wednesday September 30, 2009

Enjoy a morning chuckle and take a gander at Steglin's weekly cartoon

Image by Steglin's Stegelin's Weekly Cartoon featured in the Charleston City Paper once again hits the nail on the head and delivers a laugh at Mark Sanford's expense. Go take a peek.
11:45 am on Wednesday September 16, 2009

This week's Blotter has arrived

Image by Flickr user Dain SandovalImage by 20090916-bar.jpg Catch up on all the humorous crime reports gathered last week by Charleston finest with the Charleston City Paper's 'Blotter: The week in crime.' This week features irons, playground...
4:29 am on Friday September 11, 2009

Blotter: time to laugh at others' misfortunes

Image by Flickr user jasper.Image by 20090911-pee.jpg Everybody gets one. The Charleston City Paper's Blotter: the week in crime gives us a weekly excuse to well, feel better about our lives by laughing at low points in others'. This week is no...